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The Scottish Six must come with a change in management or not at all

bbc scotlandBy GA Ponsonby

For what it’s worth, I support calls for a Scottish Six [S6] in principle. It’s an idea that should have been implemented years ago.

However my backing for it is qualified. A national news programme with world-wide scope, broadcast by BBC Scotland will be worthwhile only if the current management at Pacific Quay are moved aside. BBC Scotland is, in terms of its political output, institutionally corrupt.

Gordon’s Vow - The denial of the saviour

brown pledgesBy GA Ponsonby

The Vow has been delivered.  That was the message from the Unionist media within minutes of the fiscal deal between the Scottish and UK Governments having been confirmed.

Amongst those pushing this message was BBC Scotland presenter Gary Robertson.

Rowling and Spanner - The untold story

1 yodaBy G.A.Ponsonby

Cast your mind back to the independence referendum and the impact of social media on the campaign.  Yes dominated online media.  It was so one-sided that Unionists coined a term designed to demonise their online opponents.  The term was ‘Cybernat’.

BBC Scotland and the Moray myth

bbc eighteen percentBy G.A.Ponsonby

Moray council is getting ready to set its budget.  I know this because it was considered headline news by BBC Scotland on Wednesday.

Actually Moray wasn’t in the news because it was setting its budget, it was in the news because it had U-turned on an earlier empty threat to end the council tax freeze.  I say ‘empty threat’ because Moray council was never in a position to end the freeze.

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