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What does Jim Murphy stand for?

jim murphyJim Murphy was elected leader of the Scottish Labour party on Saturday, December 13th 2014.

Mr Murphy is a controversial character who appears to thrive on confrontation.  His self-styled ‘100 Town' tour of Scotland during the referendum campaign witnessed the Labour MP engage in shouting matches with Yes supporters.

How The BBC Stole The Referendum - Chapter 2

bbc indyrefThe Impossible Referendum and a Trumped Up Smear

The BBC's behaviour in the final two weeks of the referendum campaign was appalling, but it wasn't a shock to seasoned independence campaigners.  The BBC had come in for considerable criticism throughout the referendum for what many insisted was a pro-Union bias.  A steady pattern of promoting pro-Union claims and headlining anti-independence news stories had led to a complete breakdown of trust between the BBC and many Scottish voters.  The final two weeks was merely a culmination of years of journalistic deterioration.

The BBC and the demonisation of Political Protest

burningBy GA Ponsonby

Three SNP councillors are in the news today after they filmed themselves symbolically burning a copy of the Smith Commission report.

The councillors were expressing their frustration and anger that pledges of more powers given by the three pro-Union parties prior to the independence referendum were not reflected in the commission’s recommendations.

The BBC Should Do Its Job

bbc argue

A Ponsonby Post video

The Smith Commission has published its report into more powers for Scotland.  It has suggested powers over income tax and APD be devolved - but has refused to back the transfer of powers over Oil and Gas, broadcasting and welfare areas.

Unionists pledged Home Rule and Devo Max if a No vote was returned - the powers which will be transferred come nowhere close to this.  How has the BBC reported the difference between what was pledged and what will transpire?

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