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London Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum - Read for free

london callingLondon Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum is a book written by G.A.Ponsonby.  The book chronicles BBC Scotland output with respect to the broadcaster's coverage of Scottish politics and the independence referendum.

The book was published in April 2015, seven months after the referendum on Scottish independence.  The cost per copy was £9.99 for a paperback and £1.99 for the Kindle version.

It was always the author's hope that as many people as possible would read the book, which was the culmination of six years monitoring of BBC Scotland political output.  In order to achieve this, a free PDF version of each of the twelve chapters has been made available for download.

The chapters are entirely free and require only that the individual click the appropriate link [see below].  Should you desire to show your appreciation for the work, then a donate button has been provided which will allow a payment to the author's PayPal account.


Just click the link to view the chapter:

Chapter One - Turning Yes into No

Chapter Two - Where it all began

Chapter Three - The Lockerbie Bomber

Chapter Four - A Blizzard of Attacks

Chapter Five - Referendum Battle Begins

Chapter Six - Murdoch, Banks and Councils

Chapter Seven - The European Union

Chapter Eight - Anti-English, Nazis and Crackpots

Chapter Nine - BBC Guilty

Chapter Ten - Economical with the Truth

Chapter Eleven - It's All Academic

Chapter Twelve - A Healthy Service?


# Annemarie Macdonald 2016-03-27 20:37
Hi would really like to buy the paperback copy where can I get it?thanks☺
# Graeme McAllan 2017-05-31 04:35
Thank you for the PDF ;)

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