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Labour is still in poisonous union with its Tory ally

vowBy G.A.Ponsonby

The Scotland Bill has now gone through Parliament.  The Vow hasn't been honoured.  Scotland is light-years away from the panicked pledges that peppered the media in the final days of the referendum campaign.

In the background of this Shakespearean tragedy stands Gordon Brown.  The sack of shit who first lied to the chronically ill, threatening that a Yes vote would end cross-border blood transfusions & organ transplants, before going on to promise near federal home rule to those he couldn't frighten.

The Better Together campaign was based on political terrorism until the final weeks when it resorted to outright bribery.  The job losses that were supposed to be the preserve of an independent Scotland have come to pass despite the 'broad shoulders' of the greatest Union ever seen.

Ask the steelworkers, bank workers and oil workers who have either been laid off or face being laid off, whether they are comforted by the 'extensive new powers'.  Ask the poor and vulnerable who face benefit cuts whether the Scotland Bill gives them new hope.

Worse than not honouring the pre-referendum promises is David Mundell's malicious treachery in fashioning a restricted list of powers designed to damage Scotland.  Make no mistake, Scotland has become the new coliseum.  

Scots have taken the role of the Christians whose purpose is now to entertain our Unionist viceroy and his lieutenants.  Sitting by Mundell's side is Ian Murray.  The Labour MP couldn't wait to give his vocal support to his Conservative ally.

Unionists can watch the entertainment on the BBC or STV.  They can read newspaper articles which will relay every Scottish Government failure as the poor are cut to pieces by Tory austerity knives.  At every failure they'll chant 'SNP Bad, SNP Bad' and give a thumbs down.

Scots were lulled into the trap by a treacherous colonial media.  It was they who channelled the Unionist promises of Devo Max, Home Rule and Extensive Powers into Scottish homes.  They did it in the full knowledge that the promises would be broken.

Do you really think these same journalists are going to expose Westminster now?  Of course they aren't.  Scotland is probably the only western democratic nation whose democracy would benefit from the complete absence of a professional media.

more powers

scotsman devo max2Even after the independence referendum, these outlets were still punting the garbage that Devo Max was on offer.

We don't have journalists in the true sense of the profession.  We have people who write in order to conform to a greater agenda. 

The media machine is Unionist owned and it pays their wages.  To turn against it is to be ostracised.

Even when Scots rejected Unionism at the ballot box in May, we still have this media machine punting the losers. 

Take a look at the one-sided coverage of Kezia Dugdale's Tax Credit Con. 

On the Sunday Politics Show Herald journalist Paul Hutcheon even admitted that there's no media appetite to scrutinise Scottish Labour.

Scotland sits unprotected.  The only defence against fundamental Unionism is our online output, and that's pretty insipid with only a handful of individual bloggers now offering any real alternative media.  Of those, I count Paul Kavanagh, Stuart Campbell, Derek Bateman, James Kelly, Craig Murray and Andrew Tickell as the best.

We have a Scottish Labour party still working with its Unionist Tory ally, and a media machine still wired to its pro-Union paymaster.  That's not a scenario to fill the heart with hope.

Last night the Labour party joined with the Conservatives to block the devolution of Tax Credit powers to the Scottish Parliament.  The party also refused to back calls for control over any future independence referendum to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

I do not think that remaining in this Union as it now stands is compatible with wanting the best for Scotland.  Whether intentional or not, the behaviour of senior members of the so-called Scottish Labour party is damaging Scotland and her people.

Better Together is alive and well.  The Labour party is its poisonous mouthpiece north of the border. 

We must do all we can to ensure as few Scottish Labour candidates as possible are elected to our parliament next May.


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# Jim Arnott 2015-11-10 06:54
Excellent post.

This just confirms that Scotland is up shit creek without a paddle

Please keep these excellent posts coming.
# Dan Huil 2015-11-10 11:06
With its supine acceptance of the Scotland Bill, Labour in Scotland is doing exactly what it did during the referendum: doing the Tories' dirty work.
# Graham 2015-11-10 12:40
I am dismayed that you feel the online output is "insipid". You may be right. At least we one newspaper on our side now. But what is the solution to getting the message out there?
# Pam McMahon 2015-11-10 14:16
Agree with Graham's comment. Some of the online output is the most erudite, well researched and hard-hitting that I have ever read, and could not be called "insipid" by anyone with the faintest inkling of a wee brain cell.

We now have what passes for a daily newspaper, but until Scotland has an unbiased broadcaster, we will continue to have a limited audience of us CyberNats to enlighten.
# Ponsonby 2015-11-10 20:26
"Some of the online output is the most erudite, well researched and hard-hitting that I have ever read, and could not be called 'insipid' by anyone with the faintest inkling of a wee brain cell."

I agree Pam. I listed those online contributors who I believe fall into this category. There are others such as Peter Bell who are also capable of good stuff.

When I say "insipid", I am referring to the alternative media as whole. It lacks coordination and punch. I may expand on this near the end of the year.

There's a surprising lack of female bloggers or perhaps I just haven't found them.

Oh, I loathe the RISE clique. Not sure if they would be considered 'online contributors'.
# Sandra 2015-11-11 07:01
Great post. But don't assume the electorate can't see through the meeja bias, after all they did elect 56 SNP MPs in spite of it. Bloggers such as yourself (and you were too modest not to include yourself on that list) are doing important work raising awareness of this issue.
# millie 2015-12-14 12:26
Re forth bridge-
see BBC article change


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