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Memo to Mundell

mundellDavid Mundell was asked whether he knew of the existence of the phoney memo which was leaked under the instruction of Alistair Carmichael when both were ministers at the Scotland Office.

Mundell gives a confused and nervous response.  He at first appears to avoid the question by denying involvement in the leak.

When pressed he stammers and stutters his way through the simple question.

Is he hiding something?  Listen for yourself:

Scottish Labour never existed and Murphy will ensure it never will

murphy resignBy G.A.Ponsonby

The con has finally been exposed.  There is no such entity as the Scottish Labour Party.  Jim Murphy hasn’t killed it because it never existed and he'll ensure it never will.

When Johann Lamont resigned, complaining that London treated Scottish Labour like a branch office, she was merely conceding what many already knew.  The so-called ‘Scottish Labour party’ was a myth.

How The BBC Stole The Referendum

bbc indyref

How The BBC Stole The Referendum is a book by GA Ponsonby.  The book chronicles the role played by the corporation in the independence referendum and its influence on the final vote.



Gordon Brown vows to step down as MP at next election

gordon brownGordon Brown has announced his intention to step down as an MP at the next General Election.  The man who is credited with saving the world after the 2008 financial crisis, has told his local constituency of his plan to retire from front line politics.
Brown, who replaced his colleague Tony Blair as PM after years of plotting against his friend and rival, is set to concentrate on his charity work which includes jetting around the globe making lucrative speeches.

Jim Murphy's sectarian U-turn goes unchallenged

Jim Murphy MPJim Murphy says he will repeal the anti-sectarianism legislation if he becomes First Minister. Scottish Labour's saviour in waiting has vowed to "scrap the Football Act right away." if Labour wins the 2016 Scottish election.

Murphy's announcement was reported in a manner that suggested it was a novel policy statement from the Labour MP. It was splashed on the front pages of both The Herald and Scotsman.The respective authors Magnus Gardham and Scott Macnab must have been on holiday back in March when Anas Sarwar announced that repealing the legislation was Labour party policy.

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