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There's nothing Islamic about these terrorists

daeshBy Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP

You can't fight an idea with brute force. It’s clear that in light of recent attacks in Tunisia and beyond, the battle of hearts and minds will be as important as any other part of our strategy to combat the scourge of terrorism.

Cybernats and Traitors – Labour’s attack on Free Speech

lab cybernatsBy G.A.Ponsonby

It’s created a storm on Social Media and headlines in a few newspapers. A dossier compiled by Scottish Labour lists tweets from alleged ‘Cybernats’. The tweets are a mixture of offensive terms, name calling and swearing. Many of the tweets have been aimed at Scottish Labour party figures.

BBC Scotland is continuing where it left off

bbc scotlandBy G.A.Ponsonby

Well what do you know, we’ve barely had time to recover from the air-raid bombardment that was Project Fear Mk1 when along comes its equally terrifying sibling. Project Fear, you may recall, was what the anti-independence Better Together campaign informally christened its strategy of instilling fear into Scottish voters during the referendum. Project Fear Mk2 was launched last week and the target of this attack was not independence but its little cousin, Full Fiscal Autonomy.

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