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Now on BBC Scotland - The great Labour tax swindle

smith tweetBy G.A.Ponsonby

Well the hidden agenda has finally been exposed.  It was all a ruse to try to paint the SNP as being ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the Tories.

We have had weeks whilst the Scottish media prepared the ground.  Threats to end the council tax freeze, Cosla complaining about council funding and Scottish Labour accusing the SNP of being responsible for local authority cuts.

Wednesday was the culmination of weeks of planning.  On Tuesday Kezia Dugdale announced she wanted to hike taxes by a penny in the pound for everybody, regardless of salary - poor people can apply for a rebate.  On Wednesday we had the Holyrood vote.

The Lib Dems and Labour voted in favour, but the SNP, Scottish Greens and the Conservatives all voted against.  Dugdale’s tax wheeze bit the dust, as it was supposed to.

No sooner had the vote ended than the agenda kicked in.  I spotted it first on Radio Scotland when the news reader informed listeners that “…SNP and Conservative MSPs voted against plans for a one penny increase in all existing rates…”

What about the Scottish Greens?  Both Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone were in the chamber too.  Had they abstained?  I checked the Scottish Parliament website and discovered they had both voted against the Labour motion.  BBC Scotland had simply airbrushed them out of the story.

It was the same when Reporting Scotland aired.  The vote was the top story on the tea-time programme and viewers were presented with clips of MSPs from four parties.  But missing again were the Scottish Greens.  One clip stood out - Tory MSP Murdo Fraser.

BBC Scotland’s current affairs show Scotland 2016 was even more blatant as Andrew Kerr described the vote as one of “unlikely alliances”, helping viewers out by telling them “the Conservatives were delighted with [John Swinney’s] stance on tax”, and repeating Murdo Fraser’s joke that the SNP and Tories were “Better Together”.

The late night programme did though show a clip of Patrick Harvie contributing to the debate, although the clip was edited in a manner that implied Harvie had not voted with the SNP.  

The Scottish Greens' opposition to the tax-hike was simply written out of the news.  Indeed in the discussion that followed there was more mention of the insufferable RISE than the Scottish Greens.

Even the BBC’s Scotland editor Sarah Smith, a former presenter of the late night show, got into the ‘SNP/Tory alliance’ act with a tweet which read ‘Scot Lab tax plans take us thru looking glass. SNP *shoulder to shoulder* with Tories against *Penny for Scotland*…

The tweet was based on the following Herald headline.  Indeed Sarah Smith actually linked to the newspaper article.  How very 'balanced'.

herald snp tory

The manipulation of the tax-hike vote by BBC Scotland has hardly been subtle.  The Scottish Greens are clearly not just a minor party in the forthcoming Holyrood election, they don’t appear to even exist.

The broadcaster continued its highly suggestible reports on Friday when Glenn Campbell repeated the SNP/Tory line.

Scottish Labour MSPs have of course been pushing the propaganda for all it’s worth.  Their tax-hike wheeze was designed, not to help poor people, but to try to portray the SNP as allies of the Tories.  That’s what makes it all the more reprehensible.

BBC Scotland and the rest of the pro-Union media will promote this line uncritically.  Presenting the SNP as either favouring a Tory Government at Westminster or planning to do deals with them at Holyrood is an old BBC Scotland tactic as the two clips below show.

The clip below is no reflection on the show host at the time, Isabel Fraser is a loss to BBC Scotland.

Don’t be surprised if pundits turn up this weekend echoing the same politically motivated guff as the clips above.  The agenda is clear.  Link the Scottish National Party to the Tories.  

The tax-hike proposed by Labour is unworkable fantasy never designed to be implemented.  It’s a poor con that’s conning the poor.


# christine kabashi 2016-02-05 14:16
bloody cheek from labour who stood shoulder to shoulder with them in the bt campaign and the bbc who propped them up
great article as always ga
my caps are out o action due to a parakeet
# Tony 2016-02-05 14:34
Anyone know what has happened to Isabel Fraser? Haven't see/heard her in a while.
# Bibbit 2016-02-06 00:00
SLAB and BBC SCOTLAND are terrified that if the Tories come 2nd, it will not be so easy for the BBC to sideline every other party bar SLAB.

Look how the Greens are side lined here.

Instead of having Daily Record editors and Labour pollsters (Curtice) on all the time, the BBC might be forced to admit a political sea-change.

Then again, the BBC ride a horse and cart through political impartiality daily.

Even when Scotland is independent, I imagine Glenn Campbell pontificating, "But will Independence last? And when will NO voters get another chance, just as the YES side has done. That's only fair, Nicola Sturgeon... Nicola Sturgeon.. Oh I'm being told she's left the studio and is outside greeting what looks like a veritable mob of frenzied and uncontrolled YES voters...."
# PollyD 2016-02-06 10:36
glen Campbell...but but your not answering my question...
First minister... And - I'm not going to.

# Proud Cybernat 2016-02-07 14:12
Nice work, Mr. Ponsonby.

The Tories (Red and Blue varieties) can stand shoulder to shoulder with whomsoever they like. But the SNP Govt. does not need nor does it require their support. It has a majority and, as such, can tell the Red & Blue Tories to take a hike off their shoulders.

The colonial broadcaster can spin themselves into orbit for all I care - we see through their spin and their outright lies. The BBC in Scotland is nothing but a mouthpiece for the UK Establishment, spouting UKOK propaganda morning, noon and night. Problem for them is - they play at being Haw-Haw when we don't gve a Hee-Haw i.e. we have stopped listening to that slanted mouthpiece. Their flush is busted, their teas oot.

We see right through the BBC in Scotland.

And if they continue on the same crooked path, they will go the same way as Labour and the Dodo.
# Rob James 2016-02-07 15:26
Doesn't surprise me to see 'the insufferable RISE' being given more air time than the greens. It appears Slab/BBC hope to attract left wing voters from the SNP by claiming a Tory, SNP alliance. Seems they are resigned to the fact that no-one is going back to labour, But hey, as long as the electorate vote for someone other than the SNP. it's ok.
# winifred mccartney 2016-02-07 19:33
bbc at its very biased best - to link snp with tories is nothing short of a disgrace - it was labour who sided with tories and 41 walked thro lobbies or abstained. Tories and labour took us into war in Syria, snp voted against at no time have snp sided with the tories.
# Cairnallochy 2016-02-07 20:02
Is the Labour line not just building on Osborne's taunt in Parliament to "put up or shut up up". Lining up with Gideon ? Or falling for the bait ? Or hoping that the SNP will fall for the bait ?
# Ghillie 2016-02-08 06:46
Does that mean the Tories in Scotland are in favour of Independence now?

Wonders will never cease = )

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