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How the BBC Stole the Referendum - The Documentary

bbc indyrefBy Alan Knight

The first anniversary of Scotland's referendum on independence has come and gone.  However the debate over Scotland's constitutional future still rages.  At the centre of this debate is whether there will be a second referendum.

Opinions vary as to when such a referendum should be held.  What isn't disputed is that any future Yes campaign must learn lessons from the first failed attempt.

No analysis as to why Yes lost would be complete without an acknowledgement of the role played by the BBC.  The corporation's role in ensuring the No campaign message was delivered to as many people as possible was key to ensuring Yes remained on the defensive for much of the campaign.

To date only one book has attempted to chronicle the BBC's nefarious activities and its manipulation of news.  That book is 'London Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum' by GA Ponsonby.  I believe this book should be made into a filmed documentary.

My documentary will be loosely based on Ponsonby's book.  It will though go further by presenting much of the video and audio content that, for obvious reasons, could not be included in the book.

'How the BBC stole the Referendum' aims to complete Ponsonby's forensic and painstaking research and in doing so expose the BBC as a pro-Union vehicle tasked not with informing the voters of Scotland, but in many cases influencing and misleading them.

The team behind this documentary will be led by myself, Alan Knight, and produced through my company, Invisible Emperors Ltd.

About Me

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and am now based in Edinburgh.  I was employed as a film editor for many years, working on Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Dramas, Commercials and Promotions etc, before moving into writing & producing documentaries.

My recent projects include 'The Ghost Show', 'Back to Sarajevo' and 'Voices from the Barras'.  I worked in 2013/2014 for Newsnet Scotland, producing and directing animation films and Vox Pops while continuing to develop film and TV projects for local and world markets.  My recent work includes a feature documentary/animation project about Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show which visited to Scotland in 1891 and 1904.  Clips and full versions of some of this work can be seen here.

I am also a photographer; my book 'Glasgow at the Crossroads' was published through Stenlake Publishing, Ayrshire, Scotland in 2010, and is available on Amazon.co.uk.

The Documentary

The 'London Calling' documentary will be high quality, made for large screen showing, and will feature key players from the independence referendum.  The initial target of £20,000 will allow a team of high-quality professionals which will ensure the finished documentary is produced to the very highest of standards.  I expect production to take between three to four months from the start of this appeal launch.  Estimated date of completion around February 2016.

My goal is to have this documentary shown in as many public places around Scotland as is possible.  Thus, the more cash this appeal raises, the more people will ultimately get to view the documentary.

A second independence referendum is coming.  Those of us who are able, must do all that we can to ensure that the population is educated as to the tactics that were employed against the independence movement throughout the first campaign.

I've read 'London calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum' ... I am convinced it needs to be made available to a wider audience.  This documentary will do that.

You can donate to the appeal by clicking HERE.

Many Thanks
Alan Knight

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