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Now on BBC Scotland - The great Labour tax swindle

smith tweetBy G.A.Ponsonby

Well the hidden agenda has finally been exposed.  It was all a ruse to try to paint the SNP as being ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the Tories.

We have had weeks whilst the Scottish media prepared the ground.  Threats to end the council tax freeze, Cosla complaining about council funding and Scottish Labour accusing the SNP of being responsible for local authority cuts.

Would a 'Scottish Six' save the BBC in Scotland?

scottish six2By G.A.Ponsonby

It slipped under the news radar, not surprising given the dreadful events in Paris over the weekend, but BBC Scotland chiefs have lobbied London for a Scottish Six evening news programme.  Bosses at Pacific Quay are reportedly hoping a replacement for Reporting Scotland will bring the corporation more into line with devolution and address complaints about its handling of Scottish current affairs.

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